Most Useful Free Software

  1. Free file Converter
  2. Encryption Tool
  3. Greenshot
  4. Free File Renaming Utility
  1. Google Input Tools
  2. MS Indic Language Input Tool

Online Font converter Utility 

  1. Krutidev to Unicode
  2. Kurtidev to Mangal
  3. Krutidev to Chanakya

Online OCR Tool

  1. Image to Text
  2. Free OCR

Online PDF Utility

  1. JPG to PDF onverter
  2. Word to PDF

Online Image editor Tool

  1. Online PhotoShop
  2. Fotor photo creatives

Online Translator

  1. Google Translator
  2. Bing Translator

Online Free SMS Tool

  1. bollywoodmotion
  2. A Free SMS

Online Mobile Tracker

  1. trackmobile
  2. mobilenumbertracker

Online Word Editor

  1. Google Docs

Online Spell Checker

  1. spellcheck
  2. spellcheckplus

File Format Converter

  1. Freefileconvert Type: odt, doc, pdf, mp3, mpg, docx, avi, pptx…
  2. Online-convert Type: audio, Vedio, ebook….
  3. zamzar Type: odt, doc, pdf, mp3, mpg, docx, avi, pptx…. 

Online File Splitter/Joiner

  1. PDFJoin
  2. splitpdf
  3. foxyutils

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